Without a doubt, condensing boilers are a fantastic option if you are looking for savings, sustainability and quality air conditioning. Whether for an independent home or for a community, you will find the facility that best suits your needs. In addition, you already know that we have a great team of qualified professionals ready to solve any doubt.

The condensing boiler uses a new and innovative combustion system, starting from the common characteristics of the systems of the class 5 appliances, valves, and sealed chamber, the main difference is the burner and the condensate drain system. Understanding how the condensing burner system operates, we will understand the function of condensate drainage.

How does a condensation burner work?

Unlike a blue flame burner, the condensation burner is inverted, instead of burning the gas upwards, burning it from top to bottom, projecting the heat and combustion products into the hydraulic circuit tubes, circuit through the sanitary hot water and the heating water flows between the gases that make up the PDC, are the essential components of water, hydrogen and oxygen, these, when sprayed at very high temperature against the tubes with the circuit water at a much lower temperature, they produce a thermal shock, converting them into water and steam, complementing the heat generated by the steam, the heat generated by the combustion of air and gas,

Types of heating systems

If you have gas at home, a condensing boiler is probably the cheapest heating option.  Heating by renewable energy, in general, can be cheaper.  This technology allows greater efficiency (Ariston heat pumps have the best energy class that exists: A ++), which guarantees significant economic savings and care for the environment (in fact lower consumption equals lower emissions of CO 2). Another alternative is to obtain a gas connection for your home. Different supply companies can help you easily check the availability of gas supply in your area.

The most common are wall-mounted boilers, simple and compact, that can be installed indoors. If what you want is a more integrated solution in your home or if you need to install the boiler on the outside of the home, there are specific models for each of these requirements and that have the flexibility to improve the capacity of hot water, if it is necessary. Thanks to its compact size, elegant design, and intelligent technology, Ariston mixed boilers are ideal for any type of installation, in addition to ensuring maximum comfort.


  • Ariston mixed boilers are designed to contain a lot of energy in small spaces and do not need an external tank. Its compact dimensions make Ariston’s mixed boilers perfect for small spaces;
  • Fewer pipelines at home make the installation also more economical
  • Click here to get more information about mixed boilers heating only boilers: these types of boilers need an external tank to store the hot water.

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