Sabal Bharat Sansthan is a non-governmetal organization established in 2016. The main aim of this organization was to empower the youth of India in the domain of education, employment, skill development and more. However, recently we came to know that the organization is nothing but a fraud; it collects money from the poor and doesn’t do anything in return. The organization claims that it will find a job according to your talents and skills and that you will be skilled under government initiative. The founder of this organization is Sunil Gurjar who has a political background too. According to this company, the poor people are given free trainings and programs that make them capable of doing a job.

The modus operandi of this organization is based on an exams system. The organization mostly targets poor people who are in search of job. These people are invited to give an exam which will judge their skills and commands. The people have to pay INR 560 only which seems to be a small amount, but is difficult for the poor to pay. The organization collects this amount per person from thousands of candidates and according to an estimate, they make crores of INR. The company asks the poor to appear in a small exam after which they will be able to get a job and enjoy other benefits such as skill training and boarding which is all free of cost.

Anyone can get fooled when a tempting offer is made; especially the poor and jobless ones who want to get a job at any cost. After charging the fees and conducting the exam, the organization doesn’t declare results because their main aim is to earn money through exam fees only. After giving the exams, people keep waiting for the results but there is no response from the organization. There are many people who have fallen into this trap and still are waiting for the results, but they didn’t get anything. If you have submitted the fees and given the Sabal Bharat Exam, it is confirm that you have lost your money and nothing can be done to get it back.

Sunil Gurjar Congress claims that the organization is funded by government and is working for employment and education of the people. The organization is said to help the poor through vocational training, skill development, and various workshops that focus on entrepreneurship and employment. However, the government has nothing to do with this organization and there are other non-profit organizations that are training and teaching people for free. The fraud organizations like Sabal Bharat are making money from the poor and doing nothing for them. Not only this, they are also overshadowing the effort of other government funded non-profit organizations that are actually working for the betterment of the poor and the youth.

The Sabal Bharat Exam is nothing but a fake thing and there is no outcome of this. If you are tempted by the free offerings such as skill development workshops, vocational training, and boarding, you must know that it is nothing but a fraud.