Getting to spend your life with someone is great deal, and Asians do no take it lightly whatsoever.

It is the beginning of the journey that two people embark upon on their road to happiness.

And to celebrate this amazing journey, there are strange wedding cultures everywhere.

They all celebrate it in their own way and it is amazing to know and watch.

As for the Asians, they make everything from the proposal to the last day of wedding extremely rich.

In fact it is not just the culture that has an influence but also the religious beliefs and the rituals practiced by the ancestors are included.

But no matter who you talk to, you will find them agreeing with the fact that Asian wedding are by far the most colorful and fun weddings.

Asian people really go out of their way to make their weddings fun.

There are all enriched with culture and traditions, so much so that it makes you want to be a part of one.

Different traditions are followed by different countries in Asia, depending on their ancestral rituals and the religious traditions.

Countries like China and India have traditions due to history and ancestors while countries like Pakistan have religion based traditions.

While these traditions may sound very fun to attend, they are just the opposite when it comes to arranging them.

Weddings in Asia are not a one day event.

There are a series of events that precede and succeed the actual wedding.

For instance in a Chinese you can’t even just decide the date in one casual sitting.

You have to study the lunar calendar very thoroughly to find out which day of which month is lucky for the event.

This must take forever to decide.

Asian weddings have a long history.

About 2400 years or so.

And thus over time there have been modification and addition to the traditions of a wedding.

In fact many different sects within a certain country celebrate weddings slightly different than the others.

Wedding today in Asia are a fine mix of tradition and modernism.

There are decorations, venues, traditions and a lot more that is no longer the same as it used to be the in the old days.

The only thing that has not been changed is the consistency of the enrichment of this culture.

These wedding are very enjoyable, especially the ones that are held in India and Pakistan.

Both the countries have rich cultures and have so many wedding events.

There are those before the wedding and then the ones after it.

Some of their traditions even overlap like the function of mehndi where the bride is painted with Henna

And there is singing and dancing.

When you look close enough, you will find that they are also very strict about their religious traditions.

It matters a lot whether the wedding is held as per the religion or not.

There are some of the features of the strange wedding cultures in Asia.

Does your country have any?